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Belrose, NSW, Australia. ”Quiet, large streets full of leaves, privacy, excellent local schools, close to shops and 10 minute drive to the bigger commercial areas Belrose Supa Centre and Brookvale/Warringah mall. 10 minutes drive to any of the northern beaches, 20 km to Sydney. Not suitable for people relying on trains as public transport. Recommended for professionals, singles, families with kids, retirees, country lovers, the trendy & stylish and beach lovers”. Belrose Highlights, Pop-up exhibition at Project Space Tilburg, The Netherlands 16 & 17 April 2016

Belrose is a nondescript suburb of Sydney that has a population of approximately 8,300 residents. Most of the residents are Australian born. Some, about 13%, come from other countries like England, South Africa and New Zealand. Besides English, a little Armenian and Cantonese is spoken. Over 50% of the residents are Anglican or Catholic. Belrose is primarily a residential area with – among public and private schools – also a Rudolf Steiner school. The suburb boasts two shopping centres, a theatre, a library and, noteworthy, a huge waste management plant. Belrose has a satellite communications facility that manages five satellites in orbit. Belrose is bordered by two national parks and sport-wise, Belrose is well endowed. BTH Raiders, the local soccer club has 900 players, there is a bowling club, and two tennis clubs. The vibrant bonsai community run by professional bonsai teachers with its own nursery at Hidden Orient originates from Belrose. Some well respected rugby players are from Belrose and Michael “Crocodile” Dundee was a former resident. The famous Australian pop band INXS, that gathered fame in the 1980’s, originates from Belrose too. Belrose is a place, which fires the imagination.
The works in the exhibition Belrose Highlights focus on personal stories of imaginative Belrose residents. They do not dictate ideas nor meanings but rather distill or free creative energy and pose to generate spirit into different cultural contexts. The artistic act that is depicted thus continues in our own imagination: the observer is offered the opportunity to become part of an artistic creative continuum and imaginative dreaming that is not clearly separated from the environment of everyday reality wherever they are. Even if this is at the other side of the world.

Artists: Charlie Stein (DE), Thomas Braida (IT), Danni van Amstel (NL), Eva Krause (DE/NL), Matijs van de Kerkhof (NL), Sjuul Joosen (NL), VanGerven|VanRijnberk (NL), Arik Roper (US), Nick J. Swarth (NL), Bosman & Vromans (NL), Simon Carter (UK). Curator: Riet van Gerven

Belrose Highlight, Pop-up Group show, 16 & 17 April 2016
Project Space Tilburg, The Netherlands
Images by ©vangervenvanrijnberk

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