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Josephine Pryde at ICA

Lapses in Thinking by the person i Am A Video Review by VanGerven|VanRijnberk On May 12th 2016 it was announced that Josephine Pryde is shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2016 for her solo exhibition Lapses in Thinking […]

Parr’s postcard collection

Boring Postcards, Martin Parr’s postcard archives A Video Book Review© by VanGerven|VanRijnberk about a compilation of Martin Parr’s amazing collection of (mostly architectural) postcards from 1950 to 1970. We just love Martin, who has made this […]

Collection Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes collected by Harry Everett Smith Video Book Review© by VanGerven|VanRijnberk of a book about whimsical and weird objects; paper airplanes. Henry E. Smiths’s paper airplanes rank among his most mysterious and beautiful collecting […]