New Contemporaries 2016

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Already since 1949, Bloomberg New Contemporaries has profiled emerging talent from the UK’s art schools through an annual open submission exhibition and is recognized nationally and internationally as a reliable barometer of future talents in art. This is where we stumbled upon this work of art. One of those ‘chosen’ young talented artists: Ruth Spencer Jolly.

We Can Work It Out

This is as art can be. In its execution it is as clean and apparently easy, as it is overwhelming. This is as art should be. In our little registration video below, you will get the picture. In our age of social media, and television talent competition shows, everything more or less, comes to us through a ‘screen’. As it looks to me almost all human interaction – even such a thing as singing together- is caught in these simmering rectangles we all are behind. Than this song with those lyrics. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1965: The Beatles.

This little video-installation of the same length as the song, gives us a glimpse of what we might run into.

Try to see it my way
Do I have to keep on talking till I can’t go on?
While you see it your way
Run the risk of knowing that our love may soon be gone
We can work it out
We can work it out

‘We Can Work It Out’ is a two channel video installation with audio (2 min. 9 sec.) created by Ruth Spencer Jolly (b. 1993, Winchester, England). Ruth Spencer Jolly graduated 2016 BFA at The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford.

This small video impression is recorded at the presentation of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, at Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK in july 2016, to get this young talent out to a broader audience. Thank you Ruth. Enjoy.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016, 9 July – 16 October 2016
Bluecoat, Liverpool UK

See this song performed by the Beatles
Website Ruth Spencer Jolly

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