Private View

The idea for this project originates from articles in the media about the use of land as public spaces and how these spaces bring rights that are claimed by groups/residents/individuals. The line between public and private is fine and of course controversial, as this line can be manifested by glass, skin, plants, felt tip, law, discussion, willingness and so on. We followed discussions about the conflict of interests for example as beaches were claimed in Florida (USA) as public/private space and vise versa. In this particular case it is that driving is not permitted on most beaches. But in some communities it’s considered a right, protected in the county charter. It’s a right so strongly defended by residents that it’s sometimes called the “third rail”. For decades questioning that right was off the table.”The tradition was so ingrained that nobody would even talk about it. It was a taboo subject. The thing that brought it up was protecting sea turtles.”







Queens NYC,  New York, US


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